Securing a job in this market isn’t easy, but those with disabilities may find the search even more daunting than others. We at Our Coffee with a Cause are committed to not only supporting and hiring individuals with disabilities, but also to educating those who do not live near our company on ways to enter the workforce. We’ve compiled the top tips and strategies that will help you or a loved one with a disability secure the employment opportunity you are seeking.


Focus on what you can do rather than what you can’t. As a job seeker, it’s important to highlight your skills and accomplishments to position yourself as a valuable asset to the company. Create a cover letter for the hiring manager that will feature your credentials. If you do not have past work experience, discuss past volunteer or internships that you participated in or the hobbies through which you have developed skills.

Be honest about your abilities. If the interviewer brings up a job task that requires a function you are unable to perform let them know to ensure that expectations are set early in the process. You may even want to utilize your cover letter as a means of outlining accommodations you may need to perform your daily work tasks.

Know how to market your workplace advantage. According to Colorado Mesa University, hiring a disabled person increases workplace diversity. Your disability allows you to look at things from an alternate perspective. Being at the forefront of the business as an employee may allow you to identify opportunities to improve the company’s services to the disabled population. Additionally, research has revealed that those with disabilities stay at a job longer and are not absent as frequently as others.

Confidence is key. Employers are not only looking for someone qualified for the position but also seek employees who have the right attitude. Success in the workplace is influenced in part by your ability to follow through with tasks and reach goals with confidence. No one knows your strengths and talents better than you do. Tap into your abilities; look for jobs that align with your skills, passions and goals.

Based on our belief that there is ability in disability, Our Coffee with a Cause is committed to supporting, employing and empowering special-needs individuals. Young adults with disabilities engage with our product and provide delivery services with a smile. Some of the responsibilities these mature young adults take on include packaging coffee, applying labels to the bags and coordinating shipments. Opportunities are also available during our sales events, where employees work with an assistant to sell coffee and products using a custom-designed iPad app.

We currently offer whole-bean, ground and K-Cup coffee products online and in select retail locations. A portion of the proceeds from the sale of these products funds local charity organizations supporting disabled individuals, such as the Our Own Place Charity.

For more information, about Our Coffee with a Cause or to apply for a position contact us at 631-897-1650 or by email at Visit our website to make a purchase.