Our Own Place was founded to provide unique opportunities for special needs children and their struggling single parents. Founder Stacey Wohl was frustrated when she could find no programs to help care for her two autistic children after she divorced. She struggled to support her family’s necessary medication and therapy costs with meager insurance programs and an inflexible work schedule. She decided to establish a charity so that other single parents wouldn’t have to face the same difficult choices when seeking care for their children.

The charity offers a caring, supportive community that encourages socialization and skill-building for both special needs children and their parents. With one in every 50 children diagnosed with autism, in addition to the other childhood disabilities, the need for the type of programs provided by Our Own Place is vital. At Our Own Place, we believe there is ability in disability, and we aim to support the efforts of parents with special-needs children.

The ultimate mission of Our Own Place is to open a weekend respite home for families of children with cognitive disabilities. This facility will include a job training center, complete with a resident-run café that sells brewed cups of Our Coffee with a Cause.