1. Press Release

    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE CONTACT: Hank Russell (631) 207-1057, ext. 110 Vanessa Bishop (631) 207-1057, ext. 109 PRMG New York April 28, 2016 Cause Café Joins the Prestigious Storefronts on Fort Salonga Road Owner of Our Coffee with a Cause Online Retail Business Opens Local Eatery CAPTION: Cause Café Owner Stacey Wohl performing the store’s official ribbon cutting with (from left to right) Cause …Read More

  2. Our Top Tips For Those With Disabilities Seeking Employment

    Securing a job in this market isn’t easy, but those with disabilities may find the search even more daunting than others. We at Our Coffee with a Cause are committed to not only supporting and hiring individuals with disabilities, but also to educating those who do not live near our company on ways to enter the workforce. We’ve compiled the top tips and strategies that will help you or a loved…Read More